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Why Speccies

Are we the right Opticians for you?

Here are the benefits of visiting Speccies and an idea of what to expect
1) Exclusive eyewear

If you want to see the same frames styles, colours and shapes as everywhere else and want to look like the majority of the people out there, then we are NOT the right Opticians for you.
If you want something different and unique then we are the right place for you.

We have frames which are handmade and bespoke to frames which are safer and easy to wear but still have a sense of individuality. We very rarely sell the same frame more than once, so the chances of seeing someone with the same frame as you is extremely low.

At present we attend exclusive UK trade shows to find and source the latest styles and trends. We plan to expand this in 2019 and hope to attend shows in Milan and Paris and source more exclusive styles that can’t be found anywhere else.

2) Superior expertise and know how

Are you looking for an inexperienced teenager with limited knowledge to help you with one of your most important senses? Unfortunately you won’t get that here. Our team are highly trained and our dispensing consultation is designed to make it effortless for you to choose your new eyewear. Even the younger members in our team are trained extensively and aren’t let loose fully until we are confident they can answer any question you can ask (maybe not the meaning of life but most others)

Your only dilemma will be can you stop at only 1 pair of glasses? Let’s find out

3) Personal service

Personal service is a rare thing nowadays. At Speccies that is what we specialise in.

If you have got this far on our website you are probably like everyone in the Speccies team and want to be treated like a person and not a number.

To give you the best service we prefer an appointment based service so we can spend the necessary time to meet your needs. If you wish to pop in we will always be happy to see you and give you the best advice we can, booking an appointment just lets us ensure we can give you the best possible personalised service.

There is no sales pressure or obligation to buy. We just want to ensure that everyone is given the best advice for them. Our standards are extremely high and we are proud of what we do.

4) Options and choices

During your initial consultation, we will show you many options and styles (frames and lenses) that are suitable for your prescription and needs. All possibilities will fit well, offer a great lens finish, go with your personal style and come from a variety of budgets.

5) Love your glasses guarantee

Although we can’t offer any refunds on products as they are custom made to prescription, we want all of our community to be delighted and happy with their eyewear. Speccies offer a 30 day love your glasses guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with your frame or lenses we will happily change them for a product of equivalent value.

We guarantee you will LOVE YOUR GLASSES

In addition, we provide ongoing aftercare service to look after your glasses all at no cost.

6) Industry leading experts

Speccies is the only Opticians in Farnborough to offer specialist services. Dry eye is one of the most common eye disorders and affects vision significantly. Most Opticians ignore this and will offer a new prescription due to this issue.

Speccies offers a specialised dry eye clinic (the only Optician in Farnborough to do so). We diagnose the reason and cause of your dry eye and offer a bespoke treatment plan.

Short-sightedness is becoming an epidemic in the UK. There are pioneering techniques and technologies to help control its progression. Speccies are the only Opticians in Farnborough which can offer the expertise and techniques to help control short-sightedness. More info can be found here. Speccies also have the latest technology to offer enhanced health checks of the eye with 3D scans (similar to a CAT scan). This in-depth health check can give you peace of mind in knowing everything has been checked to the highest possible standard.

7) Bespoke contact lenses

It may sound like a broken record, but due to our level of expertise Speccies are the only Opticians which can offer you the best contact lenses for you. Most manufacturers have specific ranges that need to be worked with to give each patient a “best fit” solution. At Speccies we can custom make contact lenses whether they be daily or monthly to actually give the best fit to the best prescription for each unique individual.

8) Flexible payment plans

We never give you a take it or leave it price. We will always consult you with several different lens and frame options.

In addition, we can also spread payments for your glasses over 3 to 9 months at no extra cost.

9) Get started today

Book in for an eye examination BOOK AN APPOINTMENT, or a free styling consultation or ring 0844 884 4606

There is no pressure or obligation to buy, just come and experience the difference.