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Ortho-K Consultations

Contact lenses custom designed by us to wear while you sleep at night for the temporary correction of myopia (nearsightedness) with or without moderate astigmatism. While you sleep, the gentle pressure from your eyelid on the lens is transferred to your tear layer changing the shape of your cornea which improves your vision overnight. If you wake in the night you can see through these special Gas permeable lenses.  When you remove the lenses in the morning, you can see well without lenses or glasses. Perfect for those with a busy lifestyle, for swimming or active watersports for example. Our longest wearing patient has been safely wearing this lens type for 10 years with 6/6 20/20 vision and great comfort. The unusual side effect of this type of lens is it slows or stops shortsightedness (myopia).

Ortho K is especially useful for children to help slow the progession of their myopia. By wearing these special lenses every night their vision remains constant during their teens when the body is growing and there is the potential for myopia to increase. Our young ortho k wearers are very successful and enjoy the many benifits of Ortho K lenses. Surprisingly studies show children are better at handling lenses, cleaning and caring for them than adults.

It’s like safe laser surgery for children or adults and works best on low to moderate myopia and now up to +3.00 far or long sight.