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And why your next frames should be made from it!

When it comes to lasting, durable and fashionable eyewear, there’s a reason why we love titanium frames. Titanium frames are an investment and with these you get what you pay for! They can last years and years for some of our patients and with the right fit and choice in the beginning, you’ll never look back!

So, what is so special about titanium frames and what makes them different to others?

Well, for instance, titanium frames are rust and allergy free. If you suffer from skin conditions or allergies then titanium frames are for you. Whilst choosing other materials for frames can cause irritations or rashes – especially on the bridge of your nose – titanium frames will leave you stress free, comfortable and ready to tackle what’s ahead. This is why titanium frames are a great option for prosthetics.

Titanium frames are also extremely light on the face. Whilst other materials can seem heavy to wear and to carry around, titanium frames can seem almost weightless! This lightweight feature enables you to carry around and wear your glasses freely as well as giving you that added bit of comfort that you do not have to worry about them whilst you are wearing them. A lot of our patients come in and say to us that the type of material of frames they are wearing sometimes hurts the bridge of their nose. With titanium frames, you won’t ever have to face this problem again! As titanium frames are also strong and sturdy, you won’t have to worry even if you drop a pair of frames on the floor. Although we don’t recommend experimenting with that!

Because of all these elements infused together, titanium frames are the go-to for those in the sports industry, or anyone who leads an active lifestyle and is looking for a pair of frames that are durable and long-lasting. If you are constantly on the go and aren’t the most careful of wearers when it comes to your eyewear then titanium frames are the way to go.

Our brand of choice just has to be Ferucci Titanium1

The collection has an array of styles, designs and colours to choose from and there is a frame for everyone. The individuality of the frames is undeniable and their quality is unmatched. With excellence in their craftsmanship and many years of heritage behind them, Ferucci Titanium is a brand that you can trust – and we certainly do!

About Ferucci Titanium

The Ferucci collection is an incredible blend between contemporary and classic, edgy and excellence and modern with a vintage shadow. The collection carries with it a selection of traditional shapes suiting most individuals and the intricacies in the production and design can definitely be seen in every frame produced.

Here at Speccies, we have a few firm favourites that are always a win. See some of them below!

sp1 sp2 sp3 sp4 sp5 sp6

So, whether you’re looking for a new frame to last you the ages or simply want to try out this allergy free, lightweight, strong and sturdy brand, why not check out our online range here 

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