At Speccies opticians, we strive to educate our patients about the different eye health conditions and specifically what symptoms they should be looking out for in their everyday life. They’re not always immediately noticeable but there are certain eye conditions that can have a devastating effect on the overall health of the body if not … Continue reading “EYE OPENING FACTS ABOUT CATARACTS”



And why your next frames should be made from it! When it comes to lasting, durable and fashionable eyewear, there’s a reason why we love titanium frames. Titanium frames are an investment and with these you get what you pay for! They can last years and years for some of our patients and with the … Continue reading “AMAZING TITANIUM”

Raising awareness for World Diabetes Day

Diabetes Day 2017

Diabetes is an extremely serious condition that can affect people in various different ways and can ultimately lead to the rest of their lives being affected. On this day, November 14th, the world stands together to raise awareness for diabetes. Approximately 4 million people across the UK suffer from the condition many of whom have … Continue reading “Raising awareness for World Diabetes Day”

What does 20/20 vision mean?


If you wear glasses, contact lenses or ever had your eyes tested (which we hope that you have at least once…every 2 years), you have probably heard of the term 20/20 vision. But most people think that 20/20 vision is a superpower that only a few can possess. Quite frankly, it’s not. Most of us … Continue reading “What does 20/20 vision mean?”

4 things we learned from National Eye Health Week


National Eye Health Week (18th-24th September 2017) was a week-long campaign to raise eye health awareness throughout the UK. The week was designed to educate the community about the importance of eye heath and the detrimental effects poor eye care can have now, and in the future. Here at Speccies, we believe eye health is … Continue reading “4 things we learned from National Eye Health Week”

Once…Twice…Three Times a Ray Ban


With Ray Ban being one of the most recognised sunglasses brand across the world, we thought it was only fair to list our top 3 styles and explain to you WHY you need a pair of Ray-Ban’s, how to style the sunglasses styles, and how you can buy Ray-Ban sunglasses online. Ray-Ban sunglasses in 2017 … Continue reading “Once…Twice…Three Times a Ray Ban”

Silhouette Glasses in 2017

Silhouette Glasses in 2017

Beauty based on harmony. And on self-confident individuality. Silhouette eyewear creates perfect unity with the wearer and, as a result, allows the wearer’s individual beauty and strong personality to shine. The most demanding requirements in terms of design and quality combine with the demand to bring the world closer to the wearer. Silhouette is a … Continue reading “Silhouette Glasses in 2017”